Organization Consulting for Small Businesses

Organization Consulting for Small Businesses

Running a small business often feels like a high-wire act. Leading a company and running the business side of things are demanding enough, but you also want to create a good work environment and build a strong team.

I consult to small business owners who want a sounding board who has experience in lots of areas: how to deal with a difficult employee; what positions do you need to add to grow the business; or how to find time to think strategically when the day-to-day takes up all your time?

Some small companies like to have me on retainer, so they can call when there is an employee relations situation that is taking up 75% of their time. I sometimes mediate a sticky work relationship, or help create a future plan together with you. Sometimes team building or some regular coaching is what’s needed.

When you are too small to have an HR partner on staff, and too big to “play it by ear,” call me and we can work something out.


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