Strategic Planning for Non-Profits

The Board of a non-profit is tasked with creating a strategic vision for the organization, and then to create a plan to achieve that vision over time. The challenge is, how to create a plan that is reflective of the many perspectives at work? Often a Board will need to learn together what such a planning process entails, and what can be gained by gathering a range of views from staff, members, and other stakeholders.

Like the ancient Roman god Janus, we look to the future and look to the past, setting the course and learning from what has come before.

It can feel overwhelming to think about, but I can help you run a process to gather the information you need, reach some consensus on what’s most important, and set strategic goals that are enlivening. If you run a good process, the work is already underway to achieve the goals, before the final picture is finished. And along the way, you have strengthened your Board, empowered your Executive Director and her staff, and gained a deeper understanding of what you are all working towards.


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