Building Inclusive Environments

After many years experiencing the essential nature of diversity and inclusion in all healthy organizations, I was called to broaden my focus to include multi-cultural and inclusive organization development.

I always work with a team of consultant/facilitators when the focus is inclusion - and whenever it seems important. This work can be done in a stand-alone workshop, which I am glad to discuss with you

More often, however, I weave in learning about inclusion as we proceed in our organization development work together. If people tell me that there are issues regarding race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, I will suggest ways we can address those concerns as an organic part of our overall work.

We are all happier and more effective at work when we can bring our full selves to it. This is no different than getting job descriptions written or improving communication within a group - it is part of improving the bottom line. And, it takes skill and experience to address issues of diversity and inclusion in a way you can build on. Please ask me about how we can do that together.



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