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Team Building

“Team building” can mean a lot of things, and may conjure up images of trust falls or rock climbing. I like to design and facilitate sessions that fit into your culture - and also add some creativity. Team building events are generally 1-4 days in length. My goal is to build a team while working towards achieving the organization’s goals.

When the leader of a team calls me, they’re not usually sure what they want. They just know things aren’t going as well as they could be. We work together to clarify desired outcomes, and then I draft a design. We collaborate to get the right mix of work specific activities and increasing trust and communication.

My preferred approach is to talk to the leader, and then to the members of the team. These are confidential meetings but the overall results are shared, first with the leader and then to start the team building. You find out what people think the group’s strengths are, and also where the potholes are. From there we work out a plan for what will help. Then we work through the plan, with some focused and facilitated work that is both serious and fun.


Team building rev. 3.png